Compassionate Travel Myanmar

ကရုဏာ ခရီးသြားလုပ္ငန္း

Do & Don't

Do & Don't

- Please wear dress decently in Pagodas and some religious buildings
- You need to take off shoes and socks on Pagoda
- Women are not allowed shorts, short skirts and without wearing bra.
- Authority in Religious area may ask you to wear Longyi or cover up if they think your dress is not appropriate.
- Donation/Contribution should go directly to teachers or authorized person if you visit local school, orphanage or community, not to children directly.


• One should not apply earlier than 90 days before one’s planned visit to Myanmar, since the validity expires three months after the issue date.
• Obtain a 28-day Tourist visa from
• Please feel free to contact directly to us for any further information and assistance.

Travel Insurance

• You are required to carry personal travel insurance in order to participate in some meditation tour. Your current medical/Life insurance may not cover Pre-Trip Cancellation, Airlift Evacuation, Baggage Insurance etc.
• There are various economical options available including World Nomads
• Please read the policy wording carefully to know what is covered.


• We encourage you to visit a travel clinic to inform yourself about the various health protections that are available to you.
• While we are not qualified to provide medical advice, and in any event each individual should ensure that any protections are sanctioned by his or her physician, we would suggest that you consult your doctor to ask whether it would be advisable and acceptable for you to consider the Dukoral vaccine as a means of preventing traveller's diarrhea and acidopholus or other probiotics to strengthen intestinal flora.

Finances, Tips, and Donations

Spending money: Only new crisp U.S. Dollar bills are accepted for exchange in Burma. They will not accept used, torn, or wrinkled bills. Please contact your bank to obtain new crisp U.S. Dollar bills.
• As all your meals, accommodations, and entry fees are pre-paid, the only funds you will require are for incidental expenses along the way.
Tips: Appropriate and recommended tips to the service providers will be paid by the tour organizers on your behalf and are included in your package. Should you wish to show your appreciation separately, that is left to your discretion.
Donations: The organizers will make donations on behalf of the group at the monasteries where we will stay overnight, in gratitude for the food and shelter that will be offered to us here. Additionally the Sangha dana(s) we perform will be covered from your fees. No additional donations are required, but you may wish to give at various sacred sites we visit so having some extra cash on hand will permit you to do so.(For meditation Group)
Internet: Although wi-fi internet access has become more widespread, connection speeds are limited. Do not expect to have consistent or reliable internet access during the pilgrimage, and plan accordingly.

Things buy in Myanmar

1. Burmese clothing
2. Wide brimmed hat
3. Shan bag
4. Toilet paper and tissues
5. Jasmine nose-sniffers (for blocking out unwanted smells & preventing nausea on long trips)
6. Mosquito coils
7. Lighter
8. Electricity stabilizer, to protect your electronics from power spikes.